When you have the right tools, the job of an HVAC tech is so much easier. The right tool ensures efficient installations, effective repairs, and better overall function for HVAC systems. As a technician, do you know what you need to know about HVAC tools? Here are five things your boss expects you to know:

1. Tools help you make money. There’s a big difference between the quality of an installation, repair, or another job when you have tools and when you are simply gerrymandering the work. Because tools increase efficiency and help you do better work, they help you make more money.

2. Tools help make sales. Would you rather hire a technician who has the right tools or one that does not? Even excepting skill from the equation, you would always choose the technician who has the right tool for the job, which means your customers are more likely to pick you if you have the tools you need, too.

3. Tools are an investment. Many technicians go without the right set of tools because they are expensive. It’s important to look at this expense as an investment—not just in higher quality work, but in your ability to take on certain jobs and therefore make more sales.

4. Quality tools make a huge difference. Buying the cheapest tool on the market can actually hurt your ability to do good work. While more expensive tools might be a larger investment, they also last longer and are often more effective. Do you know whether you should buy your own tools or ask for an allowance?

5.Tools should be properly organized. You want to keep your tools in good condition, especially if you have put a significant amount of money into purchasing them. Your boss wants your tools organized and maintained.