Author: Craig Elliott

5 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About HVAC Tools

When you have the right tools, the job of an HVAC tech is so much easier. The right tool ensures efficient installations, effective repairs, and better overall function for HVAC systems. As a technician, do you know what you need to know about HVAC tools? Here are five things your boss expects you to know: 1. Tools help you make money. There’s a big difference between the quality of an installation, repair, or another job when you have tools and when you are simply gerrymandering the work. Because tools increase efficiency and help you do better work, they help...

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What makes selling HVAC replacements difficult?

  What makes selling HVAC, difficult? The economy is passing through the information era faster than digital appliances prices are decreasing. The HVAC industry is also getting benefited of new technology. However, cooling and heating is not as simple of a proposition as selling a confectionary product. If you have been an HVAC salesperson, be courageous to face the challenges in every pitch. Rising competition, newer technology making old one obsolete, and increasing consumers’ consideration for green technology are definitely putting a pressure on HVAC sellers. Understanding the consumer attitude The first thing to consider regarding HVAC is that...

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3 Ways Good Customer Service Helps You Beat Bad Times

Beat Bad Times with Good Service Whether you follow the news or not, it is hard not to realize that the world is going through some rapid changes, which, for independent contractors at least, are generally for the worse. Particularly for those who run family businesses, the challenges ahead are increasingly tough. Our industry has been hit quite hard. Difficulties in the economy are all over the news. People need to work longer just to get the minimum wage, whereas the recession and the lost jobs have been especially hard for small businesses. The job of a contractor is...

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HVAC Technician Alert- 7 Mistakes to avoid

HVAC Technician Alert- 7 Mistakes to avoid HVAC technicians, especially a newbie in the industry, make mistakes. These mistakes not just affect the efficiency and performance of the HVAC system but also create problems in installation and maintenance. These mistakes are severe enough to result high suffering of customers and compel them to switch to some other seller or provider. In this article, I will be highlighting some of the biggest and most common mistakes HVAC technicians or sales people make, and avoidance of which is highly critical to their goal of successful HVAC selling. Lack of understanding about combustion safety...

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How to Ace an HVAC Technician Interview

How to Ace an HVAC Technician Interview  When preparing for a HVAC Technician interview the one thing that makes all the difference if you did or did not make it till the end is your preparedness. It is your preparedness. Other than knowing about yourself like the back of your hand, you are also required to know about the company too. It almost goes without saying how essential it is for you to do your homework about that HVAC company you are applying for. Not only does it give you an upper hand during interview, as you will obviously seem more...

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