Being an HVAC sales technician or seller, your approach in each situation must be as a knowledgeable and experienced expert. Having good referrals and affordable prices for your high quality solutions are a great place to start.

Have a Heart to Heart

At the start of each call, you should determine something regarding the past history of this client.  You can talk to them about work he has had with your or your competitors. The reason is if the client was not satisfied with your product or service in the past they won’t even consider your choice now.  You must address any issues of the past, before you can move forward on the possibility of any new work.  Listen to the client, about pain points he may have had with other companies as well.  You can use these later, when presenting your solutions, incorporate what sets you apart from your rivals. 

If the client shows that he has been happy with your service, just keep it going. Your history with a client is most important for you when trying to convert your calls into sales. You will need this ammunition later when feeling reluctance for your solutions.HVAC Sales-

Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  • What does client most like about your product or service?
  • How many years he or she has been your customer?
  • Do any of your client’s neighbors use your services? Why not?
  • Does your client think his neighbors would benefit from you? How so?
  • Why did you decide to give me a try now?
  • What don’t you like about other service providers?
  • What do you consider the most important issue right now?

What’s There to Think About?

Many clients try to discontinue the services from the salesperson who hadn’t showed up enough. Often, this starts with statement like “you were the best seller we have ever experienced, but we need some time to think”. This is most likely an excuse. Even if you are actually the best seller for them, they would still not let you know what they are actually thinking. It just shows that you have not built up enough trust.  They don’t trust you enough to tell you what the real reason for the delay is. They are not sure you have the best solution for them. This creates very uncertainty.

You can overcome this situation by getting a yes or no from them, before even presenting a price. You must clarify the reason of the call and let potential clients know that you just need a yes or no answer. You present them with research and price, it’s okay if they say no. Be prepared what other options to present next in that case, so as to convert it into yes.

In such situation, you can consider asking questions that will help you determine two things.  Sharing with you what it is they are considering and what you should do next. 

Listen more than you talk 

The habit of talking too much might leave up your client thinking that you don’t understand them or their problems. Bear in mind that people purchase for their reasons or problems, not your reasons, not even your company’s. The features and benefits presentation of most of the HVAC sales technicians are seen as the same to the potential buyer, and when they sound the same, the low price tends to be the determining factor in getting them on boat. The solution is that learn to listen, ask question and stop pitching. The HVAC seller must follow an 80/20 rule; where customer should be speaking 80 percent of times and you 20 percent or less.

Present Solutions, Not a Sales Pitch

You are the expert, the HVAC professional.  You have continued to refine your knowledge. This plus your experience puts you in a position to yield some cutting edge and time-tested designs and solutions for building comfort. Some clients desire potatoes and meat, while some prefer caviar. You listen with the intent to what the client wants, and then you create a design that best matches their needs.  You share your ideas and shift course if it’s not working to meet client’s goals. You need to be a communication expert as much as a design professional.

You are in control 

Getting a business or not, and winning a client or losing it, is all based on your response to the call. Often HVAC sellers are misguided by the perception that price is the most important factor to win a customer. Though it is true up to some extent, there are still many buyers who don’t buy just on the basis of price. Being an HVAC seller, your job is to understand every buyer’s situation and recognize that you need to persuade the buyer to see the products and services in a different way. You can persuade your every call, if you persuade the buyer that you are the best solution. The failure is that you often don’t see that doing the same thing and getting different response is not possible. In situations where you failed, you must keep on trying new responses.