The HVAC Sales Articles of Your Dreams

Even if you are seasoned veteran it’s important you keep educating yourself about our industry if you want to meet your goals. Here are the HVAC Sales Articles dreams are made of.  These articles, written by pros in our industry,  are proven to increase your sales numbers.

The first article is written by Early King and is a good article to help you keep your current clients.  Even though they seem like small drops in the bucket, service agreements are the lifeblood of an hvac company.  As an HVAC Technician you can look at a service agreement like a marriage.  Your client trusts you and has so much faith they agree to enter into this long term relationship.  As they promise not to court other service technicians, you promise to commit to their best interest.  This first article explains how to keep your maintenance plan clients for a lifetime.

Next, we have a recently published article written as example of what not to do.  Butch Welsh paints a picture of every home owners worst nightmares. It serves as a warning against  high pressure sales techniques to what he calls “slime” techniques. Read it and keep in mind that there are many who hold this image as an expectation of what a service technician is.

Lastly,  we are sharing Joseph Callaways post about putting clients first and how making others your first priority will win you more sales.  I know the article is written with the HVAC Contractor/CEO in mind, but the lessons to learn will service anyone in the field.  Josephy has laid it out step by step for you, starting with changing your thinking to how to handle the toughest client.


HVAC Sales Success Via Customer Retention

While it’s an undeniable thrill to close that next service agreement sale, in the process of doing that we often neglect our existing customer base. Service agreements already in hand represent a huge volume of repeatable margins, as well as opportunities for more repairs, replacements, and retrofits. They’re valuable because they’re known commodities, in known quantities, and the service department should know their specific needs and the peculiarities. – Earl King

My Two Cents: Achieving HVAC Sales Success Without the Slime

In our industry, if a salesman shows a sincere interest in solving the problem and explains all available options — as well as sells himself as an honest and sincere individual — there’s no need to stall on the sofa until the consumer cries uncle.If your sales engineers, comfort advisors, technicians, etc. have to resort to high-pressure methods to sell themselves and your company, then you have the wrong people in the wrong positions.

Clients Are Your First Priority

If you go into work thinking, “How do I make money?” you’re already off on the wrong foot. What you need to be thinking is, “How do I serve others?” Taking your focus away from the bottom line may feel uncomfortable at first. Yet, ironically, it changes everything for the better.


The purpose of reading articles and blog posts on sales is to influence action.  Your study of sales techniques and methods should increase your overall understanding on the subject.   After research, you practice what you have learned. Practice will get you very far, and deserves a lot more credit.  Honestly, you can gauge how successful you will be by the amount of work you put into research and practice.

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