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Call Metrics Alert


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How it Works:

Once per day, this alert shows your current call metrics: Unanswered, Unbooked, Not a leads, and so on. Also gives a percentage for unbooked calls (Like on the Servicetitan dashboard)

Why it Works:

The ability to return a phone call that was disconnected can make sure your hard spent marketing budget isn’t going to waste.  If a client calls and disconnects the line they may be picking up the phone to dial your competitor. We make it easy for the whole team to know a phone call was missed and take action as soon as available.

Within Service Titan, if the “Call Pop” button is not clicked when the phone is answered agents will not be prompted to report how the call ended.  These show as abandoned calls when they may actually be booked leads giving you false negatives.  With this alert, it is easy to monitor a call that needs to be reclassified if this is a pain point with your organization.


Added Benefits:

No missed opportunities
Spend less time reclassifying calls
More accurate reporting on the dashboard

Once purchased, you will be contacted by e-mail within 24 to 48 hours with the next steps in setting up your integration.


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