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Purchase Order Pricebook Sync

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How much?

$0 Setup fee
$30 per month


ServiceTitan Quickbooks Connector v2.0 (And the inventory module activated, can be unused)

How it Works:

If you use ServiceTitan’s price book and generate your service and equipment prices depending on the material costs, you will have come across the problem where, if a purchase order is made in ServiceTitan, the material cost is not updated in your price book, potentially leaving your material costs either lower or higher than they should be.

Why it Works:

Whether your materials update frequently (for example, gasses) or infrequently, you will be always confident that your material costs will be updated to the cost that is the most accurate as-of the last time you purchased it.

Added Benefits:
(Optional) Update Vendor SKU Codes: The integration can also, if enabled, update the vendor-specific SKU code in the price book.
Updates only one vendor’s cost: A material or equipment can have more than one vendor, which both have a different cost. The integration looks which vendor the purchase order is for, and only updates the cost for that specific vendor.
(Optional) Do not update some price book items: Through the magic of Custom Fields, you can set, in the price book level, on a per material/equipment basis, which ones you prefer the system to never update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there equipments/materials that this integration does not update?

This integration will update any equipment or material, as long as the vendor being updated is set as a replenishment vendor.

Once you sign up we will send you a welcome email and set up instruction within 24 hours so you can get rolling!


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